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Tim Olson  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, May 15, 2018 11:30:29 AM(UTC)
Tim Olson

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Release Build Status
ViaCAD 2D, 2D3D, Pro (English, French, Italian, German, Japanese) Build 1359
SharkCAD, SharkCAD Pro (English, French, Italian) Build 1368

Release builds available from within application Help menu: Current Version.

Work In Progres Build Status
SharkCAD Pro Mac/PC 1370
SharkCAD Mac/PC 1369
ViaCAD Pro/PowerPack Pro Mac/PC 1369
ViaCAD Pro Mac/PC 1369

Work in Progress Builds available from


Bug Reporting
Ensure your problem gets addressed by reporting and providing steps to repeat and if possible a sample file.

Change Log 1370
—Concept Explorer : Selecting of groups and group elements no longer deselect/erase the listing
—Visualization : More updates to calculating facetted silhouettes
—Extend Surface : Updates to data entry window and modifying length
—Mirror About Plane: Updates to prompting and selection order
—Printing: Improved resolution of circular arrow heads on Mac
—Printing:Print Layout would sometimes change and leave the cursor as progress cursor.
—Printing:Print Layout was not showing the preview window for grouped objects.
—Verify : Updated the verify 3 pt angle to support copy from text field on Mac
—Point Clouds: Corrected an issue showing selected regions of point clouds
—Ply Import : Updated Ply importer to support reading a pointcloud defined as a mesh with no triangles (just vertices).
—DWG Import : Removed double diameter symbol
—Inspector : Updated Inspector show face color selected for pen
—Gripper : Navigator Reset now retains position and just resets axis.
—Eye Dropper : Updated tool to copy pen color from face
—Pen Styles : Pen Styles associated with Layers were not getting read back in and activated.

—PowerPack : Corrected a crash creating a circle normal
—AeroPack : Area Curves now can be generated relative to a spine

Change Log 1368
--Updated support for DWG import with unicode text and dimensions
--Correction for text placed in front of dimension values (horizontal/vertical dimensions)
--Minor Updates for printing dimensions with shaded objects
--Corrections for saving registration information on some Windows configurations

Change Log 1367
--Corrected an issue where the thread pitch was not changing when modified from the Inspector.

Change Log 1366
--Correction for supporting a missing font type in dwg
--Corrected issue preventing IGES from importing point entities.

Change Log 1364
--Corrected issue with max zoom on multiple monitor (Mac only)
--Corrected issue with drag window on multple monitor (Mac only)
--BOM number of decimal drop down not completly showing
--Corrected a rounding issue with bom attributes

Change Log 1363
--Mesh to analytic updates in PowerPack Pro

Change Log 1354
--Correction related to Concept Explorer Tab
--Correction for exporting certain Splines to DWG/DXF

Change Log 1353
--More updates suffix text positioning and leader line trimming.
--Curve repair and minor issue with deselecting previous highlights
--Correction for projection illustrator type curves for duplicated vertices
--Correction for Curve In Plane and bestfit points to plane
--correction for facet to body for small mesh counts

--PowerPack Pro updates to Segment Analytic
--PowerPack Pro simplify option and cleaning too many faces error

Change Log 1352
--Corrected issue with exporting eps files with hidden render mode.

Change Log 1351
--Updated layer draw views not to draw dimensions that were added to specific draw views
--Support for KeyShot 7
--Corrected minor sizing issues with the preview layer dialog box.
--Updated PowerPack Show Overlaps to find multiple overlaps when possible.
--Corrected crash and large mesh selections
--Save Slices to drawing now supports UNDO/REDO
--Added support for smart polygons to two rail solid sweep tool
--Update wall thickness calculation
--Cylinder mesh rings off by one
--Cylinder mesh scale with gripper

Change Log 1349
--ViaCAD Pro Mac updated to support MacOS 10.13
--Updates to ViaCAD Pro Mac for Mac App Store Multi Language support
--Updates to Wall Thickness calculations for 3d Printing verification
--Changed mesh cylinder number of sides calculation
--Corrections to mesh cylinder and uniform scaling with gripper
--Corrected issue regarding joining two parallel lines.
--Corrected a print issue associated with Mesh objects in wireframe display mode.
--Added more error feedback for EHL V5 if fails.
--Increased number of faces for offset and translate faces.
--Coordinate Compare in PowerPack Pro is now thread aware and will use all available cpus to process large point compares.
--Improvements to magnet tool that allows moving a grouped solid to a referenced solid
--Increased the number of faces that can be moved with the gripper
--Corrected issue with smooth fillet edges displaying in the overlay buffer on mac and not erasing.
--Pasted text on Mac now uses the default font/height/style
--Corrected issue saving and restoring layers after 3D Print : Preview Layers
--Updated Coordinate Compare in PowerPack Pro to display more info.
--Corrected issue printing rotated images on mac
--Always create silhoutes for primitives in smart mode
--Corrected issue where lower dim tolerances were positive instead of negative imported from dwg/dxf.
--Background views with images files were not working.

Change Log 1347
--Correction issue related to remove feature from Concept Explorer
--Corrected issue with healing log file
--Corrected issue to export tiff files on Windows
--Updates to display the pre validate message only once when large numer of meshes selected
--Updated to allow changing pen pattern for section view dimensions
--Replaced radio buttons that were not working correctly in ViewRotation dialog box with a drop down to specify model or screen rotations.
--Updated default startup units for multi language build
--Provide more feedback when mesh to anallytic fails

Change Log 1346
—Corrected issue importing DWG files with certain polylines throwing an exceptionaborting the file import
—Corrected issue importing DWG files with sheet boundaries defined in metric units

Change Log 1345
--Updates to thread feature
--Correction for curvature analysis solids
--Correction for using custom templates from model to sheet and units/user prefs changing
--More updates to multi language support in ViaCAD PRO Mac App Store beta

Change Log 1344
--Corrected issue with paired point lines and detail section views
--Correction to support right to left partical select of facets
--Correction to regen needed flag in concept explorer for surface profiles
--Extrude Surface now accepts smart polygons for input
--Updates to highlight point turn/off on correctly from inspector

Change Log 1339
—More updates for print window & text/dimensions
—Corrected crash with batch files with autosave enabled
—Correction to setting deep select tool from Select Facets in Plane
—Correction to replace .srk file suffix for exports in other products
—Removed extra repaint using mouse down view rotation
—More updates for animate on PC
—PowerPack Pro : Mesh to analytic curve simply tolerance was not converting between mm units.
—PowerPack Pro : Coordinate compare was not showing units in correct setting if MM

Change Log 1338
—Updates to record screen on Windows
—OpenGL wireframe now using vertex arrays
—Correction for unnesscary calculation of silhoutee edges.
—Corrected issue with linary array and grouped objects reappearing on file open
—Removed unused second pass transparency call if in wireframe mode
—Keyshot updates for the update tool
—Corrected issue with abort of DWG read for certain text fragments
—Widen curvature button for localized versoins
—Corrected issue with path align tool and mirror matrix
—Added cm cubed to english volume
—Significantly improved performance of the linery array tool with many copies
—Significantly improved performance of the polar array tool with many copies
—Push/pull now defaults to distance tab for data entry field
—Corrected a crash with point objects within detail views
—Corrected a crash cut/pasting hatches
—PowerPack : Resized spell check buttons

Change Log 1337
—Added drag and drop of Solidworks, NX and Parasolids files to SharkCAD PRO
—Drag/drop STL now convets to the user default unit setting
—Corrected issue where face colors were overiding body colors in STEP export.
—Added ability to export face colors defined with deep select to STEP export.
—Cancel out of Print on Windows no longer displays print error dialog
—Corrected issue with dimension text facets getting scaled by print resolutoin
—Updates to File : Print Window and File : Print now zbuffer's text going using photo render
—Updates to support AVI movie creation on Windows
—Correction to prevent app from multiple launches on Windows
—Movies now support floors
—Correction for resetting object axis position
—Corrected issue display text perp to view but backwards or updside down.
—Corrected issue selecting objects in a draw view layer type which where turned off.
—Adjust size/spacing of auxview layer dialog box.
—Correction to support grouped objects in animation
--Replaced QuickTime in Windows Animation tools
—PowerPack Pro: Added converted X out of Y objects for mesh to analytic tool

Change Log 1335
—Correction displaying align/assembly icons in V9 builds.
—Correction for mirror transform if used in Align tools
—Updated prompt for equally spaced when not enough inputs
—Correction for undo align and solids
—Correction to not display print error if user just cancels on Windows
—Thumb weight edge blending exposed in SharkCAD Pro
—Workplane Grid Settings was not showing correct minor grid values.
—Minor dialog button resizing for French
—Batch File now does zoom extents on imports
—PowerPack : Added new tool Divide tool (boolean intersect that keeps all components)
—PowerPack : Mesh analysis/mesh repair Save as button now working.
—PowerPack : Preview layers now starts from the current work layer.

Change Log 1332
—Display correction on PC for rubber banding box of solid primitives.
—Updates to Inspector and Custom pen styles getting out of sync
—Updates to Inspector and dimension arrow font out of sync
—PowerPack : Feature select and deselect clicks
—Correction to branched surface directions causing issues with booleans and shelling
—PC now saves prefs to SharkCAD Pro folder
—PC menu title name now SharkCAD Pro

Change Log 1331
—Check for all text chars have same extrude direction.
—Multi language string updates

Change Log 1330
—Corrections to Model to Sheet Mac with Precise Option (internal hidden line error)
—Updates to Model to Sheet Polyline option to sort/merge hidden segments into polylines for improved dash spacings.
—Corrected unique crash with polygons from curves.
—Updates/corrections for Compact History
—Projection of a circle/ellipse perp to normal now creates line
—Updates to best fit plane and normal from points
—Correction for attaching Gripper at line object
—Mesh lathe now sets name
—Updated box text size to 10k chars on Mac
—Lathing a solid now checks that the axis is a 2 point line (polyline is invalid input)
—Correction for breaking elliptical arcs at a location.
—Corrected crash with polygon from curves tools and high resolution ellipses.
—PowerPack :Mesh to sphere now has alternative cener calculation for topology poor sphere but correct vertices
—PowerPack : Correction for fitting splines and following hte max angle criteria

Change Log 1329
—Updates to User Guide
—Updates to product name and folder location
—Correction for breaking elliptical arcs at location
—Lathe Solid now checks for valid 2pt line axis
—Correction for crash with Polygon from Curves and high resolution ellipses
—Corrected Tool icons that were out of sync in advanced transform palette when switching between 2D and 3D.
—File Compact correction now removes container solid and updates counts
—Added localization strings for PowerPack Pro
—Correction for the Print By Layers tool on mac
—Widend ambient occulsiont check box for localization
—Update 3DPDF export to now support Selected Only option on file export.

Change Log 1328
—Rename Shark FX to Shark Pro
—Paste values from entity context menu (right click menu) to data entry fields
—Undo of a window into a wall now retrims the wall correctly
—Updated regen procedure
—Correction for doors/windows getting set at different elevations then wall
—Corrected issue with select depression/protrusions/blend networks on PC
—Correction for IGES/STEP imports creating tmp files at unauthorized sandboxed locations
—Correction for the File : Compact tool and groups
—Corrected issue generating facets from linked mirrors
—Photorender materials are now preserved with linked mirror parts
—Layers with linked mirrors now follow the Prefs option for preserving
—Update spline short cuts to have same name as tool palette name.
—The Mesh :Draw menu items are now in sync with main tool palette
—PushPull of a surface object was incorrectly marking the object data only /invisible
—Correction for shell tool and keeping more then 1 face open
—Corrected issue with undo and 1 point circles.
—Magnet tool improvements when using text objects
—UserGuide updates
—Project to plane now supports projecting walls
—Corrected issue of door/widnow not associated with a wall
—Tangencey spell correction in PowerPack
—Correction for dove/tail wood working feature
—Include body transofrm for mate feature
—ViaCAD 2D incorrectly showing 3D wall tools
—Parse .vcp from default file name dialog
—Updated Verify Area and Verify Volume to include a cancel option when selecting many objects.
—Correction for draw view enitties disappearing after a trim operation

Change Log 1327
—Removed used language projects
—Updated UserGuide
—Import IGES/STEP correction regarding tmp files at unauthorized sandboxed locations
—Updates to File Compact for grouped objects
—Corrected issue generating facets from linked mirrors
—Photorender materials are now preserved with linked mirror parts
—Layers with linked mirrors now follow the Prefs option for preserving
—Update spline short cuts to have same name as tool palette name.
—The Mesh :Draw menu items are now in sync with main tool palette
—PushPull of a surface object was incorrectly marking the object data only /invisible
—Correction for shell tool and keeping more then 1 face open
—Corrected issue with Undo and one point circles.
—Magnet tool improvements when using text objects

Build 1325
—Corrected issue generating facets display list from linked mirror objects
—Photorender materials are now preserved with linked mirror objects
—Layers with Linked mirrors now follow the user Preference option for preserving layers
—Update spline short cuts now have same name as tool palette name.
—The Mesh : Draw menu items are now in sync with main tool palette
—If text entities are of plane but perpendicular to view, outlines are now drawn instead of trying to calc facets for large performance boost
—PushPull of a surface object was incorrectly marking the object data only /invisible
—Correction for IGES/STEP imports reading to unauthorized sandboxed location for Mac App Store builds (MAC)
—Correction for shell tool and keeping more then 1 face open
—Corrected issue with undo and 1 point circles.
—Updated User Guide for eye dropper documentation
—Updated User Guide Index syncing with page numbers
—Updated User Guide table of contents syncing with page numbers
—The STL export Unit drop down required using the arrow keys to access all the unit options. (PC)
—The File : Web Publish option now included in ViaCAD Pro
—Buy Now button added to Registration Dialog box for trial mode

Build 1324
—String copyrights updated to 2017
—KeyShot updates with regens now support improved syncing.
—Magnet tool improvements with using text objects
—Updates for backface mesh selecting

Build 1323
—Corrections for simplify solid and no change status
—Corrections for DWG export abort and ill defined polygons
—Improvements to sillouhette calculations and solid display lists
—Updates to calculating area curve in AeroPack
—Clicking to right of part name in concept explorer now shows display options.

Build 1322
—Slice tool now accepts Groups and Surfaces for slicing.
—Simplify Solid in Powerpack updated for tolerance.
—Feature holes were failing due to wrong normal direction.

Change Log 1321
—Updates for extruding text and small gaps in glyphs from pc
—Increased number of selectable profiles for skinned solids and skinned surfaces

Change Log 1320
—Copy/Paste walls with doors/windows now implemented
—Correction for Edit :Change Resolution and precise option
—Facet calculation correction if threaded implementation fails due to zero polygons in a face
—Correction for repeated facet generation of bad NURB surface (unneeded spinning)
—Undo now does regens only objects impacted by undo

Change Log 1319
—SketchUp 2017 Import now supported
—SketchUP Import now supports Image Entities
—Change Line Style now supported in Context Sensitive Menu
—Change Line Width now supported in Context Sensitive Menu
—Corrected Animation Save
—Corrected crash with selecting walls with undefined window heights
—Corrected extra regen from Inspector
—Correction for transformation grouped ordinate dimensions
—Copy/paste hatches now preserving color/font
—Correction for remove extra hatch resulting from Copy/paste
—Corrected Issue regening polygons derived from curves
—Correction for the Transform along path, align, and stretch icons in 2D
—Correction for drag/dropping symbol into empty file and layer reset

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Tim Olson
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