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Tim Olson  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, July 7, 2015 3:04:20 PM(UTC)
Tim Olson

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Service Pack 1 is now ready for download. To access the service pack, go to the Help menu from within the application and select Current Version. This will launch the browser and allow you to download build Shark FX 9 (build 1161) for Mac or Window.

This update has over 100 issues addressed. A list of changes is provided below.

Shark FX 9 Change Log

Build 1162 Change Log
• Fixed an issue modifying hatch values from the Inspector
• Fixed an issue related to regaining hatches in draw views
• Fixed an issue related to selecting curves within draw views

Build 1161 Change Log
• Corrected a crash exporting to Adobe Illustrator while in hidden line mode
• Hatches were not displayed correctly
• Certain Filled polygons were not displayed correctly in 3D
• Polygons were not photo-rendered with user defined color

Build 1160 Change Log
• Updated Convert To Mesh dialog for the Explode Mesh option. Explode Mesh creates a mesh entity for each face which was the default for previous versions. Explode Mesh off creates a single mesh entity that has welded vertices and properly aligned facet normals, much more suitable and friendly for 3D Printing. No need to use a follow up Join or Surface Flip command on a converted solid. Explode Mesh is now off by default.
• Corrected crash related to adding a point to a spline with many many points.
• Set Default now also sets the line pattern
• Navigation window was not updating the axis when you rotated within the window.
• Mesh extrude updated to correct segment value
• Fill hole using Close Edge and Add Center Point now calculates area centroid instead of point averages.
• Model To Sheet now fills in Company, Title etc from File : Properties
• Remove product file suffix from exports such as dxf and STL
• Animation failed to save on Mac if animation file already existed.
• Added ability to offset smart polygons as curves.
• Corrected small memory leak on mac freeing File previews.
• Improved support for rotated, multi line text on Mac
• Corrected small memory leak on mac regarding preview and inserted images.
• Corrected small memory leak when PhotoRendering with the Render Curves Option
• Correction for Push/Pull regions that have a unconnected intersecting line

Build 1159 Change Log
• Moving the mouse over the cancel box would prematurely close the Print 3D Check dialog box.
• Adjusted cancel button size on the Print 3D Check dialog box
• Correction for improper facet orientation for 3D Print Structures
• Correction for zero thickness middle supports for 3D Print Structure
• Prevent the creation of illegal support positions for 3D Print Structure
• Update 3D Print Structure to attach to display facets instead of control facets
• The 3D Print Align tool now undos the entire command as one undo instead of each mesh.
• Updated the triangle /ray facet algorithm which now corrects issues for auto align facet normals of 3D Print structures
• When you close the 3D Print slice dialog box, the screen is now updated without having to pick a new option.
• The Number of slices for 3D Printing is now set by the layer resolution extracted from the current printer definition
• The 3D Printing Slice thickness shows more decimal places and defaults to the current Printer layer resolution.
• Corrected a tolerance issue when creating pipe solids.
• Remove Spline Point now allows any number of points to be removed with one selection.
• Correction for group selection after leaving the arrow tool
• Corrected issue using data entry values for non uniform scaling.
• Insert Door tool was incorrectly checking against default width of a Window.
• The Replace solid tool in Concept Explorer was not working on Mac
• Corrected a tolerance issue for creating pipe solids.

Build 1158 Change Log
• Remove Spline Point now allows any number of points to be removed with one selection.
• Reset layers if the file read was corrupted.
• Detail circle color is now defined by foreground color, not last color used
• When creating previews, no longer use PHL for performance boost
• Corrected small memory leak when creating file previews

Build 1157 Change Log
• Corrected issue where hatches displayed stray lines before they were regenerated
• Corrected issue moving groups due to improper link
• Shift Move Layer now correctly shows the moving layer
• Automatically repair groups with missing data only flags
• Corrected a memory leak with subdivision meshes
• Corrected a memory leak between subdivisions meshes and resulting surface/solids
• Assign the increment values for OBJ read meshes based on file contents, makes faster reads on Windows
• Faster merge vertices algorithm for STL & OBJ reads
• Display normal correction for polygons > 4
• Meshes and Mesh Edges draw much faster with new OpenGL algorithm
• Implemented auto profile repair to better support lower quality Windows fonts
• Updated imprint tool to directly support text entities
• Corrected issue where error dialog was alway displayed with imprint tool
• VRML export now supports exporting out Layer Color overrides for the objects.

Change Log 1156
• Memory clean up for large files with meshes (>1Million vertices & facets)
• Updated imprint tool to support text entities
• Auto profile repair added to text to curves to support lower quality Windows fonts
• Corrected issue where error dialog was alway displayed on imprint.
• VRML export now supports exporting out Layer Color overrides for the objects.
• If you convert box text and it fails, text is no longer deleted.
• Numerous updates for using data entry when moving and rotating faces with the gripper
• Added a data entry angle value for rotated face feature from gripper
• Rotated face feature now shows correct image in feature tree
• Corrected a file read crash when a custom shader had unicode chars >255
• Some user defined materials where not being set in the entity edit dialog box.
• Corrected infinite loop regen for linked mirrors and model to sheet
• Mesh updates for significantly faster meshing
• Updated faceted polyline to use facet-Options which corrects some model to sheet parts from getting stuck generating view (step file ie)
• Prevent fonts from being reset after doing a model to sheet
• Corrected an issue with part names that have accent chars such as in chêne
• Corrected a dwg crash with duplicated entity ids.

Change Log 1155
• Windows 8 now supports correct display of multi viewports
• Mac now reverts to v8 Hidden Line libraries for "Internal Hidden Line" errors
• After writing a STL file, the object resolution is restored. Reduces size, improves response of app.
• Corrected crash printing draw views in pro, lt, fx on Windows
• Corrected extranious graphics when printing draw views in 2d3d on Windows
• Updated print name tweaks on Windows
• Preferences : FIle : Compact Files was switched
• Correction for improved planar covers with inner holes
• Correction for modifying arcs where start = end angle
• Correction preventing corrupt files when an object has more then 32000 associative links
• Mac now shows a dark circle inside the Close window when file is changed
• Correction for node locked builds expire (shark lt, fx), app now reverts to demo version (no file saves).
• Improved project curve procedures for very small curves projections
• Added support to zebra render without edges
• Added support for reading importing .sab files on Mac
• Option copy the previous line would not copy the line width correctly when in a draw view.

Change Log 1154
• Align Left/Right were flipped in the View Left Side orientation.
• Inspector Dimension : Font tab was not updating controls as they were modified
• Corrected a round off error with grid spacing when in metric units
• Updated Set Defaults command to copy all dimension attributes back to Inspector
• Updated the Spline File Format to read either xyz or xy data points

Change Log 1153
• When a file fails to write due to permission, the full path is now displayed in the Alert dialog box.
• The Transform : Align tool now auto regens associative objects
• Join curve now highlights the resultant join as selected
• AI export now supports text outlines for 3D text (text not in top view)
• AI export updates when exporting while in hidden line display
• The Lathe Solid tool now correctly says "twist" instead of "draft angle" in prompt window
• The Mesh Bridge tool now supports bridging between triangles facets
• The Mesh Bridge tool now supports bridging between two edges
• Corrected issue with Mesh Booleans and normals
• Solid Extrude to Object now works with text
• Solid Lathe now works with text.
• Correction for mirrored meshes and bad normals
• The Work Plane now displays in the active draw view
• Selecting copied curves in draw views now highlight correctly
• Graceful exit from damaged files when reading in Layers
• Prevent crash with Add Solid and booleans with instanced self
• Corrections for text and dimensions placed in bottom draw views
• Correction selecting meshes located far from eye/reference point
• Join surfaces now allows joining two meshes.
• Gripper correction for leaving faces selected for next command
• Updates for push pull leaving construction faces around
• Updates for push pull and signed distances
• Deleting the facet of an associtive mesh now turns off associativity.
• Corrected issue of polygons printing
• Corrected issue of filled polygons displaying in opengl 3d views
• Added checks for possible parallel snap crash

Change Log 1152
• Updates for Push/Pull of faces and changing distance via prompt window
• Added tool cursor to draw view offset sections
• Corrected two draw views highlight issue
• Updated the Solid Lathe tool to support group selections
• Corrected an issue where deleting a joined surface would incorrectly delete parents.
• Corrected issue with OBJ export and materials per body
• Corrected an issue sweeping polyines where an edge was not returned.
• Correction preventing Section Offset Views.
• Corrected a crash in dwg import where the font name was embeded in text string
• Corrected an issue preventing some keyboard commands from displaying in Short Cuts Dialog box.
• After reading a sat file, the progress dialog box was not reset, causing a read sat to display when exporting step
• Corrected issue where exporting step/iges would incorrectly display Model Size error.
• Corrected Mac End of Line feeds from classic to OSX (prevented obj files from reading into Rhino)

Change Log 1151
• Correctly export non filled polygons to DXF/DWG
• Increased size of curves used in profile based solid commands
• Correction to the Edit Change Direction tool for meshes with subdivision
• Corrected crash joining two surfaces
• SketchUp now handles grouped objects better
• SketchUp now compacts shared vertices
• Updated SAT export popup to support R24

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Tim Olson
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